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Wha-koo - (you're such a) fabulous dancer

But mornings on 2SM really made their mark when Bob Rogers departed, Mike Gibson arrived, and the Gibson and Moore show began midway through 1976. Gibson and Moore became the pre-eminent celebrity interviewers on radio in the late 1970s in Sydney. All the overseas stars were lining up to be interviewed by them. They were an interesting pair; Gibson the ocker Aussie bloke and Moore the mild-mannered straight guy. The combination really worked like magic, and I had to find even more reasons to stay at home from school during the years Gibson and Moore were on air together. As well as interviewing, they offered opinions – sometimes controversial, usually with some humour – on the news issues of the day, and they took requests and general calls from the great unwashed of Sydney. Ably supported by their executive producer John Brennan (a radio legend who deserves a whole website to himself) and secretary Maureen, they were the best morning team in radio anywhere. Here's a Gibson and Moore medley for you to enjoy:

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Wha-Koo - (You're Such A) Fabulous DancerWha-Koo - (You're Such A) Fabulous DancerWha-Koo - (You're Such A) Fabulous DancerWha-Koo - (You're Such A) Fabulous Dancer