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Torstein stretch - 2nd hand ep

Loyalty, to Ragnar specifically, is Floki's chief characteristic. Throughout Season 2, I must have said, "Floki, what the hell are you doing?" so many times that it became a mini-mantra, and when you're consistently questioning a character's motives and actions, it means something was not working. So when Floki stepped out and told Horik, "No, King Horik, I only betrayed you," it was a fist-pump moment—because Horik was going to get what he deserved—but it also let the air out of the balloon because we saw it coming. Unfortunately, the plan never came off as clever as it was intended to be. 

We are told that we can’t play with the “big” boys. We are told that we won’t be able to hold our own. We are told that it simply isn’t done, that girls don’t do these things. The truth is girls can, girls will and we, the women of Team USA, do.

Coming off the back of a whirl-wind tour of the world in pursuit of the Freeride world Tour title, Aussie shred Amber Arazny had no issues cross-courting the corn and jagged rock in search of hits. This is snowboarding at its most technical. Image:: Provided
With the skiers setting the tone for the day it was over to the snowboarders to showcase their abilities to the crowd assembled at the finish. The women kicked things off and it was an international affair on the podium, with America’s Christina Bruno taking top spot followed by Australia’s Amber Arazny and Germany’s Melanie Wiese.
Wrapping up an awesome day up the Remarkables and concluding the 2017 2-star event was the Men’s Snowboard. The crowd was rewarded for staying until the final few riders as the last two athletes both featured on the podium. Taking top spot was Stephen Denmark from America, followed by fellow American Cristopher Galvin, and rounding out both the podium and a fantastic day for the New Zealanders was Kiwi Sam Good. Sam was clearly happy with his run and the Audi Quattro Winter Games as a whole “I’m stoked with how it went, I planned my line yesterday and just wanted to stick to it………The Winter Games have been sick, with 4 out of 5 siblings competing across the games it’s a real family affair”.
The action isn’t over at the Remarkables by any stretch with many of these athletes joining a host of others in the 4-star competition to be run later in the week.