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The cyanide content of the scrubbing water can be lowered by oxidizing the scrubbing water. According to one prior art oxidizing method, the cyanide-bearing water is conducted through a thickener into a condensing tower (aeration tower) and therefrom further back to the gas scrubber or directly into a clarification basin system. In another prior art oxidizing method the scrubbing water is conducted through a thickener and a heat-exhanger back into the gas scrubber. The cyanide, which follows as the underflow of the thickener, is oxidized by means of chlorine addition. By employing such oxidizing methods, the cyanide content is considerably decreased, but the use of these methods brings forth many dangers: if the scrubber nozzles are blocked, it may lead to an explosion owing to the CO-gas contained in the atmosphere, or a sudden blocking of the pipework dust may cause an unexpected surge of the effluent into the clarification basin and further into the water course.

Introducing Process Efficiency Improvements and Cyanide Recycling at Akbakai Gold Mine. Process Efficiency Upgrades and Cyanide Recycling at Akbakai Gold Mine. Ion exchange resins can potentially be applied in cyanide recycling to address growing environmental concerns over the use of cyanide during gold extraction.